Thank you for your interest in submitting to Levine Querido! Founded in April 2019 by Arthur A. Levine, we are an independent publisher of the finest children’s books in the world. We consider the following materials: 

Picture Books: Query letter + the full text 

Novels: Query letter + the first two chapters + synopsis 

Illustration: Three sample illustrations and/or links to online portfolios

Levine Querido is born of a fervent mission to give voice to a uniquely talented, exceptionally diverse group of authors and artists whose books will inspire a true LOVE of reading in young people while offering them a sense of their (and others’) rightful place in the world. Our company has a focus on publishing the writing and artwork of authors and creators from underrepresented backgrounds, including people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, Latinx creators, indigenous artists and writers, creators with disabilities, members of minority religions, and more. 

The books we are in search of will be characterized by great storytelling, undeniably powerful and beautiful artwork, and a fearless commitment to telling deep truths. We look for authentic emotion and ideas or perspectives we haven't seen before, and we greatly enjoy working with debut authors and illustrators.

If you believe your work and our publishing mission are a match, then we hope you'll write us a query letter. 

We aim to respond to all queries within six months; we appreciate your patience!

A few more guidelines:

  • We ask that each author send only one query at a time. Once you have received a response from us, you may send another query if you wish. We ask this only so that we may give as many authors as possible the chance to have their work reviewed. If one person sends in five queries at once, it delays the process for others. Choose the one you feel is your best work, and most likely to fit our list.
  • All manuscripts should be double-spaced with standard formatting. (i.e. no wacky fonts, or giant margins, etc.) Please limit your synopsis to one page.
  • At this time, we are only able to evaluate manuscripts written in English. If your book has been published in a foreign language and you would like it to be considered at Levine Querido, please speak with your foreign publisher; they will know how to reach us.
  • While we wish we could respond personally to all queries, time constraints necessitate a standard response letter if we choose not to pursue your manuscript. However, please be assured that we do read and carefully consider all queries we receive. We will send you a response unless you’ve indicated in your query letter that a response is only necessary if we’re interested.

This category is for submissions from attendees of Kweli 2020 who were invited to submit to Levine Querido.

Interested in submitting a picture book manuscript to Levine Querido? Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, verse or prose, concept- or story-driven, please send us a query letter as well as your full picture book manuscript for review. 

If you've written and illustrated a picture book project (or have worked together with an author/illustrator) and would like to submit text and illustrations together digitally, please send us your picture book dummy along with a query letter.

If you'd like to share illustration samples with Levine Querido, please submit three sample illustrations, and/or a link to your online portfolio.

If you would like to share your chapter book manuscript with us, please submit a query letter, two chapters (or 15 pages, whichever is more), and a one-page synopsis. Please note, by chapter books we are referring to works of fiction for readers who are ready to tackle something longer than a picture book, but not quite ready for a middle-grade novel. Think Lisa Yee's BOBBY books, or Judy Moody, or Clementine. While chapter books in their published form are almost always illustrated, please submit only a manuscript unless you intend to illustrate the book yourself.
To submit a graphic novel, please send us a query letter, the first two chapters (or 15 pages, if not broken into chapters), and a one-page synopsis of your graphic novel. 

For Middle Grade fiction, please submit a query letter, the first two chapters of your novel, and a one-page synopsis.

For Young Adult fiction projects, please submit a query letter, the first two chapters of your manuscript, and a one-page synopsis.

For nonfiction projects, please submit a query letter, a synopsis/proposal/outline, and the first two chapters of your work. Please note: Nonfiction picture book projects should be submitted under the Picture Book category.